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As a provider of resources, services and/or products that actively promote optimal human development as described in the aTLC Blueprint, I/we agree to:
Grant permission to aTLC to publish our name as an Endorser of aTLC’s Proclamation and Blueprint of Principles and Actions,
Allow publication of our Affiliate information, associated links, and email addresses, on the aTLC website and literature,
Publish introductory information and occasional announcements about aTLC in our literature and on our website.
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 Mutual support, synergy, and a greater sense of community.

 Promotion of your resources and services to the public through referrals from the aTLC website and literature.

 Being part of a unified voice for bringing principles and actions that support optimal human development into the mainstream.

 The opportunity to utilize and contribute to aTLC’s database of evidence-based research.

 Other (please describe in the ideas and suggestions field below).

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