Shall We Form a Choir?

Q: Isn't aTLC's Summit just more experts preaching to the choir?

A: No, we don't think there IS a choir--not yet anyway.

But there ARE a lot of us preachers and many feel like lone voices in the wilderness.

There are also some great small vocal groups--often singing in different keys from one another other (and not even AWARE of each other).

What if we could create a choir?

What if we could compose and sing chorales that no one's ever heard before?

What if we could blend harmonize our many different parts into one glorious chorus, even while some of us step up to the microphone for a brief solo, according the needs of the particular performance we're giving--relying on the support of the rest us as we hit highs (or lows) we never dreamed were possible when we were alone?

What if we could meet regularly for choir practices and performances together, or in smaller groups several times a year--even monthly or weekly?

Some of us at aTLC have been doing this on monthly or weekly conference calls (doing the work of aTLC), and on a daily basis in cyberspace. We're ready for others to join us--with no criteria other than a willingness to reach for the highs (or the lows) and give it your all--if only for a few hours a month.

If these ideas light you up, come join us for practice/rehearsal and performance in March like you've never heard before. Experience the thrill of blending of our many voices to create a resounding (pun intended) cantata that will be remembered long beyond the very best sermon any of us could ever preach.

Besides chorales, we could sing rock&roll, blues, spirituals, do drumming circles, chanting, and a host of other ways of blending voices and instruments.

That's our vision of the Summit and the Alliance. What's yours?

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