Join Us—Become an aTLC Affiliate

Envision a world where:

  • Every child is wanted, welcomed, loved, and valued.
  • Every family is prepared for and supported in practicing the art and science of nurturing children.
  • Adults respect children and honor childhood.
  • Children joyfully participate in the vital life of family and community.
  • Dynamic, resilient life-honoring cultures flourish.

aTLC seeks Affiliates who share this vision. A core function of aTLC is to link and support organizations and individuals who share a common goal of providing innovative and progressive programs, services, products, and public policies that promote optimal human development from pre-conception through early childhood (including parental support).

The aTLC Proclamation for Transforming the Lives of Children and evidence-linked Blueprint of Principles and Actions synthesize age-old wisdom and leading scientific research that supports children and families having the best possible start.

We are now actively building our Alliance by seeking out Affiliates who, collectively, address the areas described in the aTLC Blueprint. In late 2004, we plan to reach out to the public with the Blueprint (an easy-to-read version), directing parents, care providers, and policy-makers to our Affiliates and to other resources. We hope you will be among them.

aTLC offers its Affiliates:

  • Mutual support, synergy, and a greater sense of community with organizations and individuals who share common interests.
  • Promotion of Affiliates' resources and services to the public through the aTLC website and literature.
  • A unified voice for bringing principles and actions that support optimal human development into the mainstream.
  • An invitation to use and contribute to aTLC’s growing evidence-based research database.
  • Representation at aTLC's Summit April 29-May 2, 2004.

What is an Affiliate?

An aTLC Affiliate:

  • Endorses aTLC’s Proclamation and Blueprint of Principles and Actions.
  • Offers resources, services, and/or products, including parental support, that actively promote optimal human development from conception through childhood.
  • Allows publication of its Affiliate information, associated links, and email addresses on the aTLC website and in its literature.
  • Includes introductory information and occasional announcements about aTLC's work on its website and newsletter.
We invite candidates to note any significant concerns they may have regarding any part of the Blueprint. We intend to foster an understanding of diverse viewpoints by creating forums for discussing philosophical and practical differences, both online and at symposia and congresses. These discussions will also provide valuable information in updating the Blueprint.

Becoming an Affiliate

If you would like to become an Affiliate, please complete the brief online form using the Affiliate Enrollment Form link below.

We welcome any feedback on the content of the Blueprint and any suggestions for further collaboration with your organization.

Candidates are reviewed by the aTLC Board of Directors on a regular basis. Upon confirmation, we will list you on the aTLC Affiliates' page. We will also invite you to submit an online profile form, which will enable us to post on our website a profile of your organization, including links to your website.

Financial Considerations

We appreciate donations to help defray costs of developing and maintaining our Affiliates program.

We look forward to an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship.

For aTLC,

Meryn Callander

John W. Travis, MD, MPH
Executive Secretary

Affiliate Application Form

*A PDF version of the Proclamation and Blueprint is available for downloading if you would like a copy formatted for printing.