North American Invitational Summit:

Bonding and Attachment in the Family

Addressing the Root Causes of Social Problems at the Earliest Stages of Life

March 27-30, 2003, Santa Barbara, California





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This unprecedented interactive Summit will bring together a multi-disciplinary, dedicated population of passionate individuals and organizations to share current scientific evidence, clinical experience, and cross-cultural knowledge and practices about family bonding and attachment. Building on the Blueprint for Transforming the Lives of Children, participants will collaborate in creating a plan to actualize a broad-based social movement throughout North America.

Who Should Attend?

  • Health and social service professionals
  • Educators
  • Cultural, civic, and not-for-profit leaders
  • Early childhood teachers and childcare providers
  • Activists
  • Researchers
  • Media representatives

What Will I Gain?

  • A comprehensive picture of the multi-dimensional aspects of family attachment and bonding.
  • Opportunities to network with a diverse and passionate population of people.
  • A place on a collaborative team to actualize a broad-based social movement throughout North America.
  • Practice using an innovative process for cultural change (The World Café).
  • Greater support and empowerment for your individual and collaborative endeavors.
  • An opportunity to attend in-depth workshops.
  • The unique Summit Handbook, filled with a wide range of resource materials.
  • Access to books, videos, poster sessions, etc.
  • Great meals and time spent in a spectacular natural environment.

Whether you are working solo or in a group, we believe that, together, we can create a harmonious choir that can strengthen your experience of belonging to a powerful transformational movement.

Continuing Education (CE) Credits will be provided in these categories: RN, LM, LVN, LCSW, & MFT for a maximum of 30 hours.


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