North American Invitational Summit2:

Bonding and Attachment in the Family

How Will We Initiate and Actualize Bonding and Attachment as Priorities in North America?

April 29-May 2, 2004, Santa Cruz Mountains, near San Francisco





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Much of this unique weekend event is interactive, enabling participants to contribute their knowledge, experience, and skills. The goals of this event are to:

Facilitate information-sharing and dialog among a multidisciplinary group of individuals and organizations working on family bonding and attachment issues;

Provide a historical and cross-cultural perspective on bonding and attachment, and the various practices in which different cultures and communities have engaged that either promote or inhibit successful bonding and attachment;

Delineate the wide spectrum of societal problems in North America that have their roots in an inadequate understanding of, and disregard for, the significance of family bonding and attachment;

Facilitate interactive, cross-disciplinary, small-group discussions and, in particular, encourage multiple attendees from the same region, or with similar interests, to develop discussion groups or collaborative projects upon return to their homes;

Translate evidence-based scientific findings into action steps that can be applied at every level of society;

• Encourage Summit participants to expand and deepen the Alliance by helping to bring into reality its vision of a broad-based social movement that will significantly improve the state of family bonding and attachment in North America.

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