North American Invitational Summit2:

Bonding and Attachment in the Family

How Will We Initiate and Actualize Bonding and Attachment as Priorities in North America?

April 29-May 2, 2004, Santa Cruz Mountains, near San Francisco





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This interactive Summit will bring together leading-edge organizations and individuals to share current scientific evidence, clinical experience, and cross-cultural knowledge and practices about family bonding and attachment. Participants will bring their unique experiences and knowledge to enhance and unify the entire group's understanding of the many diverse factors affecting the development and wellbeing of children and their families. The areas addressed in this Summit are outlined in the aTLC Proclamation and Blueprint for Transforming the Lives of Children. They include the personal, interpersonal, family, community, and societal aspects of attachment and bonding.

Having a clearer picture of family attachment and bonding and seeing how the various parts fit within the whole, participants will collaborate to create a plan to initiate and actualize a broad-based social movement throughout North America. Participants will leave the Summit feeling supported, energized, and empowered to expand the impact of their individual and collaborative work.

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