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North American Invitational Summit2:

Bonding and Attachment in the Family

How Will We Initiate and Actualize Bonding and Attachment as Priorities in North America?

April 29-May 2, 2004, Santa Cruz Mountains, near San Francisco





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Participant Networking

This section is still in development--ignore below.

After you have registered, please introduce yourself to the other Summitarians:

Step One:

Please send a 150-word write-up about your background, interests, and passions (similar to the speakers' and panelists' bios).

Once we have received your information, you will be sent the passwork for the networking area where you can see what others have written about themselves (see next step).

Step Two:

Instead of giving you a list of who was at the Summit after the event, we're both publishing the roster of attendees on the website before before the Summit (in a special password protected area that only other Summitarians can access) and in the Handbook that will be given to you upon arrival.

Listed are all participant's names, organizations, cities, states and email addresses (we won't list phone numbers on the web to protect your privacy). When you first view the list, please check that your data are listed correctly and email any changes to

We will list phone numbers in the Handbook, so if you have any private numbers you don't want published (that you may have listed on your registration form), please let us know at and we will suppress them.

Password protection helps keep your email address secure from web crawlers. If you want to phone people, please email them and ask for their number.

Your first access to the webpage requires your agreeing not to use any data for mailing lists or other commercial purposes.

Use the link at right "Participant Networking Area" to access the list.

Step Three (optional):

To make networking even easier, we will also publish your writeup in the Handbook (please put your name, any degrees you want shown, and your city and state on the first line.)

You may submit for publication in the Summit Handbook, up to a page (500 words) describing your vision for making bonding and attachment priorities in N. America and how your participation in the Summit might help fulfill it. Include what you have to offer other Summitarians and describe any projects of yours that can enhance bonding and attachment in North America.

Summit Bookstore (optional--Summit2 bookstore policy not yet confirmed):

If you are an author of a book, audio, or video, please submit the title, author, publisher, and ISBN number by (INSERT DATE), and from whom it is available to our bookstore manager so we can stock it. If your book(s) is/are not readily available through wholesale channels, or the deadline has passed, please bring copies with you for consignment sales.


Dress: casual.

Fragrance Free Zone

Out of respect for those who are chemically sensitive, please do not wear any perfumes, colognes, or essential oils on the grounds.

Being Present for the Whole Summit

We know people like to come late and leave early, but this would be very disruptive to the intensive process of the Summit. Please arrive no later than 6pm on Thursday and stay through the closing ceremony at 3 on Sunday.


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