Participant Praise for Summit1 (2003)

North American Invitational Summit2:

Bonding and Attachment in the Family

How Will We Initiate and Actualize Bonding and Attachment as Priorities in North America?

April 29-May 2, 2004, Santa Cruz Mountains, near San Francisco





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Participant Praise for Summit1 (2003)

It was the coming together of well-experienced initiates. I laughed and cried and walked away with riches that changed my direction. [GL, PhD, Waldorf Educator and School Developer]

It was like being in deep dark rich soil. Growth taking place of who knows what? Joy, laughter, gentleness; inquiring minds and spirits. The young will dream dreams and the old will have visions. [MB, OSF, Lactation Consultant]

The aTLC conference is "food for the Soul" to nourish ME to share with others the rich meals I have experienced. [LL, CMT, Avon Chiropractic]

I came to learn more about attachment. What I got was the pleasure of experiencing the attachment process. [KB, Child and Family Counselor]

The meetings in Santa Barbara exceeded anything I could have expected. They were wonderful. By continuously working on the very thing (connection) that is missing at the beginning of life, you healed and empowered all of us. I have never seen so many beautiful people in the same place as I did here. Thank you! [GD, MD, Doctors Opposing Circumcision]

By attending this conference I have launched myself into a meaningful life-enhancing revolution that reminds me who I am and the difference my life and love makes. [CL]

Come to the Summit and discover what is missing at a personal, cultural, and global level with the assurance that this awareness can be met with hope and the immediacy of response (as close as the touch of our own eyes). [SF-R, MA, Director, Birth Doula Services, Chapman Family Center]

[The Summit] has begun a process that is full of promise and it is our mission to take the energy created here and take it into our lives and our work to incubate and transform the process we started this weekend. [GA, Lactation Infant Attachment Specialist, Community Hospital of San Bernardino]

What a gift--a community, a living network to support--feels like a doula for our participants whose effects to transform the lives need support. [WAM, PhD, Wondrous Beginnings]

I loved the energy and commitment of the participants. The café style seating helped us to connect to others and felt more relaxed. This summit had a focus different from most conferences. I felt (and am) part of a mission. [BW, Infant Development Specialist, Sojourn Services]

In 40 years work as child advocate, I never dreamed I'd ever see a so loving and dedicated group as this. [NL, Desert Hermit]

Moving, grounding, strengthening. [RH, Executive Director, The Cambodian Family]

So good to meet with folks across the country and across the oceans and across the modalities and personalities to teeter on the threshold of solution. [JA, Real Human Being]

The most awe-some conference I have ever attended--leaving me with hope for the future! [MM, Executive Director, NOCIRC]

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